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British Virgin Islands Bike & Scooter Rentals


TORTOLA - bike and scooter rentals bvi-scooter-rentals

tortola map

Bike and Scooter are a great way to get around Tortola. BV Islander ride scooters and bikes on a daily basis to work and for pleasure. Riding scooter are not hard and are very good for touring Tortola allowing you to make quick stops to take pics or just enjoy the breath taken view.

details about bike and scooter rental on Tortola, BVI

VIRGIN GORDA - bike and scooter rentals scooter rentals bvi

virgin gorda map

Virgin Gorda has wide roads with less cars a perfect choice for scooter and bike rentals. Enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair in paradise. See the sites with easy stop and go without affecting traffic.

details about bike and scooter rental on Virgin Gorda, BVI


ANEGADA - bike and scooter rentals bvi scooters

anegada map

Scooter Rental in Anegada makes for a fun and more adventurous vacation. The long straight road and island population of under 800 people you can enjoy the open road as you visit the different beaches, restaurants, and gift shops. .

details about scooter and bike rental on Anegada, BVI



JOST VAN DYKE - bike and scooter rentals bvi scooter

jost van dyke map

Currently there are no scooter rentals in Jost Van Dyke but bicycle as well as ATV are available for rental. ATV's are said to be great for getting that spectacular mountain top views and a fun filled ride for the whole family.

details about scooter and bike rental on Jost Van Dyke, BVI



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